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Fast Facts


This information is general, check with your vendor for their specifications.

Is it safe to eat the icing photos?
Yes! The icing sheets and inks are completely edible and FDA approved (note: verify this with your vendor). When the icing photo is on the cake, it will bond with the frosting and can be cut with a knife.

Are the icing photos printed on regular paper?
The images are printed on cornstarch or rice paper which comes on a paper backing that is removed when applying the icing photo to the cake (see: How it Works). The icing photo will usually arrive in a sealed plastic bag, and can last up to 6 months before use. It should NOT be refrigerated.

What kind of frosting is best to use?
Butter cream or store-bought spreads are best. Whipped cream or other wet frostings can cause the icing photo to fade. Use white or light-colored frosting under the icing photo.

How soon should I put the icing photo on the cake?
It depends on how wet the frosting is, if too wet it can fade. It’s usually best to apply the icing photo within an hour of the event, but not more than 48 hours before.

What kind of photos should I send?
Any color or black and white photo will work and can be scanned. It’s best to provide a digital photo by e-mail, not too small to assure good reproduction.

What sizes do the icing photos comes in?
The most common sizes are standard sheets (8.5 x 11"), wide sheets (8.5 x 14"), or tabloid (11 x 17"). Various size circles are also available for use on cupcakes or cookies, and business card sizes are also popular.

Can the icing photos have text added?
Yes, you can specify the text to be printed on the topper.

Can you put more than one icing photo on a cake?
Yes, more than on one image can be used; some vendors will charge an additional fee. The icing sheet can also be cut so you can design a collage or place the icing photos in different places on the cake.



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